3 Ways to Get Sh*t Done During the Pandemic

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

1. Take more naps.

Yes, you read the right. The stress many of us have experienced due to isolation, new COVID-19 spikes, vaccine anxiety, white supremacy, and presidential trauma is exhausting. Continuing to check off items on the to-do list while everything around us feels like it’s crumbling can make us feel like we are moving slower, and not in a way that feels restorative.

2. Change your “to-do” list to an “empty out” list.

I meditate each morning. Without fail, in the first couple of minutes of my meditation, I start thinking of all the tasks I “need” to complete. Eventually, I become aware of my meditative task management and re-ground myself. However, I realized that these tasks clearly at the top of my mind, and I can get them off my mind by listing them out — I call this my “empty out” list.

3. Find awe in something every day.

The other day I was sitting on the couch, and my cat was curled up in the most perfect ball next to me, as she does on most days. I stopped working on the spreadsheet on my computer, and I just stared at her. Then I pet her most perfectly soft fur. And I told her how perfect she is. I was in awe of this beautiful creature sitting next to me, even though she was doing what she does every day.

2020 was hard…

And 2021 is showing itself to have a similar flavor. I hope it gets easier. I hope we can all get vaccinated. I hope racial unrest finds some rest. While we work to keep ourselves healthy and safe, it’s okay if you can’t get sh*t done. But if you need to, keep these tips in mind, and please give yourself some grace.

Writer. Feminist Healing Coach. Librarian. Cat Mom. I write about healing & justice. Read more at thehealinghype.com and hear me on my podcast, MigrAsians.

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